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Top Bilingual Staffing Agency

bilingual staffing agency

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For those working in the event marketing field, it has become increasingly necessary to reach out to customers who speak a range of languages besides English. This is both a result of changing demographic trends in the US that show minority and non-native speaking communities growing in the coming decades as well as an increased focus within the business world on catering to underserved markets.

Customers who are native speakers of Spanish or other languages are much more likely to feel welcome and be receptive if you can communicate on their terms.

Here at ATN Promo, we have extensive experience working as a bilingual staffing agency. Our proactive recruiting department uses a strict vetting process to draw on our large database (275,000+ members). In all cases, we aim to provide people who are professional, friendly, skilled, and experienced.

We staff many different types of activations, including experiential marketing and promotional events, trade shows, PR campaigns, national tours, sporting events, music activations, and charity events. Quite often, our clients seek individuals who are bilingual to work these events. Some examples of recent promotions that we have managed as a bilingual staffing agency include: Men’s US Soccer tailgate promotion, Mexican Men’s Soccer event, NASCAR event, health initiatives at community fairs, technology kiosk assistance in airports, coffee sampling at major music festivals, food sampling at major food festivals, and a variety of liquor and bar promotions.

While it is most common for clients to request Spanish speakers for events, ATN Promo also offers staff with fluency in other languages. For instance, we can offer candidates who speak Cantonese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin.  This proves especially helpful when clients want to target particular geographic locations and promote specialty products. If we do not currently have staff available who speak a given language, then we will do our best to find them. That is the kind of determined bilingual staffing agency that we strive to be.

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